About Carpoint


Carpoint is a Norwegian based company, serving the Norwegian marked with new and used environmental-friendly vehicles such as el-bicycles, el-motorcycles, EVs and other environmental friendly vehicles. In addition the company offers services such as maintenance, insurance and financing.

Trondheim office:

Bratsbergveien 9-11,
7037 Trondheim


Jan Petter Kamark, the gründer, funded the company in 1998. It started as a one-man company, but is today a professional company with ambitions to be a major player in Norway when it comes to EVs. A major shift occurs when Carpoint in 2008 decided to focus on environmental-friendly cars. The next milestone was when the product range was expanded to various types of electrical vehicles, and with service capabilities.

Today Carpoint is a multistore EV supplier, and is a responsible dealer for various brands in Norway, such as for Zero electric motorcycles. We plan to introduce more electric motorcycles (growing market) and more electric cars. In addition there are maintenance, finance and insurance services. Carpoint has an extensive international network with partners in many countries in Europe, India, China and the US.


Jan Petter Kamark
Carl Petter Amundsen


Jan Petter Kamark



Jan Petter Kamark
COO Trondheim
Geir Berntsen


  • Focus on environmental-friendly vehicles
  • Professional company, focus on continuous improvements and good management
  • All-over Norway, but main offices in Trondheim and Oslo
  • Offering various types of electrical vehicles, such as bicycles, scooters/mopeds, motorcycles, cars and utility-vehicles. And maybe some small gadgets.
  • Lean: low fixed costs, minimum internal staff: buying competence from external professional providers, focus on lean and smart logistics with minimum capital in warehouse, use of smart ICT solutions, lean work processes
  • Customer-oriented and personalized service
  • Creative and innovative, always looking for new opportunities
  • International oriented