Welcome to Carpoint.no. A Norwegian based mobility company.

Carpoint.no is an independent broking house focused on sustainable mobility.

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What to expect from us

Carpoint is operated by Jan Petter Kamark and Carl Petter Amundsen with the purpose of providing nature-friendly mobility products for you and your family.

Natural mobility
in one place

Lucid Air

The Lucid Air is the future of luxury. By combining forward-looking design with ground-breaking technology, the Air transcends perceived limitations of space, energy, and time. A new era of luxury mobility is on its way.

Tesla S P90 Performance

Tesla S P90 Performance, 2015, 49300km til salgs

Entrenched in passion

We are deeply committed to your wellbeing, and green mobility products is a important step for you. Our lifestyle is dependent on our shared ability to understand that we are hurting nature when we release carbon dioxide. Together we forge a future we all believe in. One car at the time.

Everything we do in life affects our choices and what we seek. Carpoint.no starts work on searching for sustainable products that excite you and your family.

01 Discover

We search around the world for the product that suits you and your family. After a while, you receive suggestions for your next mobility product.

02 Proposal

Together we execute on the mobility product you want. We always suggest nature-friendly solution that will deliver a positive impact for you and yours.

03 Decision

In the future, much of our ground mobility will be lifted and become air mobility. Our interest in this development has resulted in collaboration with Ehang through the company Ehang Scandinavia. Carpoint var også en av de første, om ikke den første, til å levere over 150 Tesla til norske familier og gleder seg til å fortsette med bistand til dere alle.