We are delighted by offering mobility products that excite you

When we sit down in front of a steering wheel or in the future a cockpit, we feel free and adventurous. In many ways, we are able to think freely when driving, and also believe others experience such a state of mind. It captures well what we do and why we work with mobility.

Who we want to become

Our foundation is the desire to help along with the pleasure of delivering. This foundation guides us in our daily work and captures our intentions.


On our planet

We talk freely and loudly about the fact that we cannot continue to deliver mobility solutions developed with fossil and internal combustion engines.

It doesn't work for us if we want to live in harmony with this planet. There is a another way forward for us.


In carpoint

Carpoint delivered 150 Tesla in Norway alone and we was equally excited as all of the families who made the courageous step in aquiring one. After a while Tesla decided that they wanted to have their own dealerships across US and Europe. And our last sale of a brand new Tesla was done in 2015. We are happy that we where a part of the electrification of Norway

Carpoint wasnt started to earn money. Our foundation was to provide the correct transportation product for the right price for the unique human who needed a vehicle.
 We started cooperating with Sintef to create a new ecosystem for cars and dealerships.

We are passionate towards new ideas


After Tesla our passion made us do some unfortunate investments, and we lost the earnings.
 We try to thrive and learn from our experiences. We cut costs, relocated our store, and are energised by the thought of rebuilding our presence in the local and national market. Today we work with new products and are looking forward to share them with you.

Our foundation is love for you and passion for freedom. Sometimes a unique product as a transportation device encompass both of those spheres.

Carpoint never dies, and the above statement tells you why.

We hope to see you in our new shop with a cop of coffee and discovering your next freedom enhancing transportation device.

With Love.