Carpoint Holding

Is a company within The End Of Time Corporation. Our mission is to empower people to be free and to live out your true potential.


Pronounced teo´tech, provides us this opportunity based on their advertising business model. Ours and yours expenses is covered by advertising revenue when riding the vehicles, and at the urban showrooms.

Our future lifestyle

The world stands on the brick of a Paradigm shift. The way costumers and societies demand car manufactures to shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy, is a sign of shift of consciousness.

The shift is pushed by Governmental regulations and incentives. Carpoint will meet the needs of a huge demand for electric vehicles in the coming years as we met the market need for Tesla back in 2013.

We were the first company to understand the market fit and addressed the opportunity within Norway. We are now doing the same with Aerial Autonomous Vehicles through E-hang, and ground transportation through Detroit Electric.

Our passion is to enable a lifestyle where you can travel where and whenever you want, by the click of button.

Today we are experiencing increasingly an already overloaded infrastructure with long lines, little time efficient and pollutant transport of goods and people. Today's road-based freight transport is polluting and inefficient, big trucks, vans and cars carrying often small parcels. The same goes for boats, ships and helicopters.

International tests and reports show that drones will be able to cover an increasing share of this transportation need.

The world faces a major challenge in trade and passenger transport.